Sofia is my mini New York

Wintertime in Sofia is something truly special, but in the same time I don’t like it.  It may reach freezing cold temperatures but the beautiful city views make everything worthwhile.  Sofia reminds me of New York – big city with a lot of people and huge traffic, but so inspiring in the same time. The small streets between Patriarh Evtimii blvd, Vitosha blvd. and Vasil Levski blv. are my favorite spots in the city and brought me back to my childhood memories. I often go there alone when I just need some time to think. The energy of the city can be felt throughout your bones.

With  the new beginning of  2018 I needed to walk around the city center to think about the future, about the new goals, about my relationship and everything else. I made sure to have several cozy layers on, like a warm knit, comfortable Converse and small bag just for my lipstick, debit card and the ID. So friends, if you have a chance to visit Sofia you should do it. It’ll change your perspective on what beauty is, I promise you. Like New York changed my perspective on what dreams are, what goals to have and what should I do in life.    

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