Prom Proposals / Paradise Center

Hey loves, it is more difficult to post in between the events than expected – But I’m trying to do my  best! Before I will go to Berlin I have to show you some pictures from the brunch at the Porto Maltese reastaurant, organized by Paradise Center. The event was classy and stylish, but at the same time so crazy and funny. It was lovely to see some real and kind faces again like Zvezdelina, MilenaKalina and Teodora!  It’s always wonderful to meet people with such a warm aura who shine from the inside! Paradise Center choose us to recreated visions on “If today was my graduation ball how would I be dressed?” We made a comparison of “before” and “now,” and offered our personal fashion combinations and advicesto all future graduates. ❤      

Преди седмица Paradise Center и зареждащите Звезди и Кало успяха да направят следобеда на четири дами НЕЗАБРАВИМ! Защо ли? Защото бяхме заобиколени от красота и стил, водехме искрени и задушевни разговори, смяхме се от сърце и викахме от кеф на атракционите на SkyPark! 😅 Отново усетихме трепета от това да бъдем абитуриентки, сменяхме тоалети и вдигахмеStylish ToastsКои сме ние ли? Звезди и Кало ги споменах, Мими, Кали и Теди , хората, които пресъздадохме  визии на тема “Как щях да бъда облечена ако днес беше абитуриентският ми бал”. 



We started the event with a stylish toast 😉 and inspiring speech from Zvedi. Afterwards we had a yummy seefood meals and amazing deserts. After we made our stylish outfit proposals Kalo, the photograpfer, made us the coolest photos ever! My outfit was a combination of classy and elegant green dress Rocco Barocco, classic red shoes Roberto Botticelli and small bag in dark white again, Rocco Barocco. The most funny and unexpected part was the last, of course! It was definitely my favorite moment which purpose was to remind through SkyPark, that first of all we should be ourselves and have fun all the time. Especially at the prom night! Belive me, girls, the prom is not a BIG deal, it is just a day of your life, another reason to celebrate. To celebrate LIFE!  


Благодарение на Paradise Center , Mint Stories by Zvezdelina Tsolova и на Кало, момичетата и аз се докоснахме до абитуриентските предложения за 2018, направихме си собствени сетове и се забавлявахме вълнуващо! Повече може да видите във видеото: 

Надявам се да сме ви вдъхновили!



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